Star-up & Hard Work for 20 years, Resail with Vigorous Energy----SWS Held the Flag-raising Ceremony for the 20th Anniversary

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and also the 20th anniversary that of SWS, a subsidiary of CSSC. Over the past 20 years, under the correct leadership of CSSC, SWS has carried forward the spirit of arduous entrepreneurship and dare to be first. After the transformation and upgrading and reform and opening-up, the former reed beaches have been transformed into a modern shipbuilding company that attracts worldwide attention.

Presided over by Yuan Feipeng, Chairman of the labor union, the flag-raising ceremony for SWS 20th founding anniversary was held on the morning of October 18th. The successive leaders, ship owner, classification society and employee representatives witnessed this solemn and sacred moment.

The attendees watched the retrospective film of the 20th anniversary of SWS and celebrated the event with pride.

At 8:18, Wang Qi, Chairman of SWS, announced the ceremony opening. Staff at the ceremony was all dressed up and in high spirits. The flag bearer, with vigorous steps, solemnly escorted the flag to the flag platform. The bright national flag slowly rose to the top of the flagpole to the sonorous and exciting national anthem in the attention of all the staff.

Chen Gang, President of SWS, gave warm commendation and grand recognition to the advanced collectives and individuals for their contributions and innovation in all fronts and departments. He encouraged the staff and management to learn from the example, constantly make progress with a high sense of responsibility and mission, and blaze new trails to lay a solid foundation for the development strategy of ¡°Leading by Cruise Ship, Balance Development of Merchant Vessels and Offshore Products ".

At the ceremony, Wang Qi reviewed the development process of SWS since its establishment and fully affirmed the achievements. Over the past two decades, under the mission of ¡°Serving the National Strategy, Supporting National Defense Construction, and Leading the Development of the Industry¡±, SWS has always adhered to the  development vision of ¡°First in in China and Leading in the World¡±, strived to reform and innovate and improve management, established a modern shipbuilding model characterized by high final assembly, centered on lean production which repeatedly refreshed the development record of China's Shipbuilding Industry, created a miracle of development for Chinese shipbuilding enterprises, and successfully ranked among the list of "world's advanced shipbuilding companies". Twenty years¡¯ development of SWS is the epitome of the continuous growth and strength of China's shipbuilding Industry in the new century.

Wang Qi emphasized that in the face of the new situation of reform and development, opportunities and challenges, SWS would further promote the change of development mode, fully implement the strategy of ¡°Leading by Cruise Ship, Balance Development of Merchant Vessels and Offshore Products", further plan for production and management changes, upgrade intelligent manufacturing, promote the development of "Internet + advanced shipbuilding", achieve in-depth optimization of the company's production and operation management, and set SWS as a benchmark for Chinese manufacturing in the new era. He called on all employees to stay true to our original aspiration, keep the mission firmly in mind and continue to contribute wisdom and power to build the company into the world's first shipbuilding enterprise, and at the same time, to construct CSSC into the world's leading marine technology industrial group!

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