SWS hold 2019 Christmas party

As the traditional event in each year, 2019 SWS Christmas party kicked off with a blessing video on the evening of December 23rd. More than 200 representatives of ship owners and class surveyors from SWS and SWSO were invited to participate together with Mr. Chen Gang, President of SWS, and related executives and department representatives to celebrate the coming Christmas and New Year together and bless a brilliant new year of the shipbuilding industry.

In the toast, Chen Gang extended his most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the guests. He said that in 2019, under the unity and hard work of all the staff, SWS and SWS OFFSHORE have taken a critical step forward in processing innovation-driven, promoting transformation and upgrading. With the full support and cooperation of ship owners and Class surveyors, SWS has presented a satisfactory answer sheet for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the country and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of SWS. He encouraged all the partners to work together to write a new chapter of cooperation.

The whole party was full of wonderful events with a marvelous atmosphere. The classic saxophone solo, the rock band's repertoire, and also the group dance brought warmth and joy to the scene. The performance program interspersed with lottery and game links, which pushed the scene atmosphere to a climax. During the party, the company also carefully arranged a charity sale; many guests delivered their love to purchase the handicrafts which were made by disabled children in Shanghai Yue Miao foster Garten. Great love is boundless. A small act of charity amplified the warmth and care of the party.

Joyful time is short, but the warmth lasts long. The 2019 Christmas party came to an end in a warm and harmonious atmosphere. We all look forward to working together in the New Year to further deepen the cooperation and friendship, move towards the strategic goal of "leading by cruise ship, balance development of merchant vessels and offshore products ", and achieve win-win development.

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