SWS held 2020 annual meetings of the board of directors and board of supervisors

On March 30, according to the relevant provisions of the Company Law and the articles of association, SWS held the annual board meeting in 2020. The meeting is chaired by Chairman Wang Qi, and the board directors Chen Gang, Wang Xiaoxu, Tao Jian, Zou Yuanjing, Wang Yan¡¯guo, Jiang Yina attended. All supervisors, top management and relevant department heads attended the meeting as non-voting participants.

15 reports and motions including ¡°work report of the board of directors in 2019¡±, ¡±work report of the president in 2019¡±, ¡±financial settlement bill in 2019>¡±, ¡±financial budget bill in 2020¡°, ¡±the plan of investment in fixed assets of 2020 ¡° ,¡±the audit work in 2019 and audit plan in 2020¡±, ¡±motion on the revision of rules of procedure of the board of directors¡° were deliberated. The evaluation analysis of investment in fixed assets and the operational condition of the invested enterprises were reported. After careful discussion and study by all the directors, all the motions were passed and the ¡°resolution on the twenty-eighth board of directors of the sixth session¡± was signed on the spot.

It was agreed on the meeting that, under the correct leadership of CSSC, CSSC Limited, and the board of directors of SWS, under the careful organization of SWS top management and the joint efforts of all staff, closely centering on the development strategy of "leading by the cruise ship, group development of merchant vessels and offshore products¡±, SWS gave full play to the advantages of the party building of state-owned enterprises, promoted high-quality development, made important breakthroughs, and achieved big harvest in the fields of the cruise ship, merchant vessels, and offshore products. The main economic indicator was over fulfilled, and the shipbuilding output maintained the top role in China and leading in the world. The steel cutting of the first build-in-China large cruise ship was started on schedule, the economic benefits continued to improve, and had obtained exciting business performance on the whole, laying a solid foundation for building a world-class modern shipbuilding enterprise.

For the work in 2020 and in the future, all the directors and supervisors put forward valuable suggestions and optimizing measures at the meeting focusing on cruise ship construction, risk control and management, strategic planning, and fully affirmed the positive work performance of SWS on the full implementation of the epidemic prevention and control requirements, measures and efforts taken to fight against the epidemic and promote work and production resumption since the outbreak. At the same time, they pointed out that although the epidemic prevention and control in China continued to consolidate, the depth and breadth of the global epidemic will continue to expand, which would bring great challenges to the development of export-oriented shipbuilding enterprises. It was hoped that SWS further improve the ideological understanding, give play to the responsibility as a state-owned enterprise, continue to maintain various epidemic prevention measures, improve the risk prevention and control work, put the management policy of "implementing the plan with the high standard, efficient allocation of resources, high-quality development of industry, the high benefit of enterprise operation" into good implementation, led by large cruise ship project, consolidate the advantages in merchant vessels and offshore products, make each work of the year well done and further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of SWS. The board of directors believes that SWS will surely achieve a successful conclusion of the 13th five-year plan by actively promoting the completion of the annual economic indicators and goals and tasks, and make steady progress for a good start of the 14th five-year plan and make new contributions to build CSSC into a world-class comprehensive shipbuilding group.

The sixth meeting of the board of supervisors of the sixth session was held on the same day. It is chaired by Chen Fuming, the chairman of the board of supervisors, and supervisors Zhu Dadi, Su Long, Xiang Xiangde and Wu Yi attended. The meeting deliberated and approved six reports and motions, including ¡± the 2019 annual work report of the board of supervisors¡°, and signed ¡± the resolutions of the sixth meeting of the board of supervisors of the sixth session ¡° on the spot.

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