First Order After Work Resumption--- SWS signed two 158K DWT Suezmax crude oil tankers newbuild contract with Singapore EPS

On February 28, SWS, a subsidiary of CSSC, successfully signed a new build contract with Singapore EASTERN PACIFIC SHIPPING (EPS) for two 158K DWT Suez crude oil tankers, which is the first shipbuilding contrct signed since the resumption of work.

EPS has a history of 60 years and is a leading ship management company in the industry. Over the past 30 years, EPS has been committed to becoming a safe and efficient transportation provider to the shipping industry. They are responsible for managing a diverse fleet of containers, chemicals, dry bulk, natural gas, crude and refined oil tankers, and pure car and truck carriers with a total capacity of 14 million DWT.

Affected by the epidemic, the two sides adjusted their original interview plans and conducted detailed technical and business negotiations through repeated written communications and video conferences. Finally, the contract was signed, which fully demonstrated the sincerity of cooperation between the two sides.

The ship type is independently developed and designed by SWS. It is a new generation of green and energy-saving ship based on the ship type delivered by SWS. This type of ship adopts the linkage design of propeller, CFD trim optimization technology, and low-resistance line with an efficient propulsion system. It is a new type of ship with excellent hydrodynamic performance and energy conservation, meeting the requirements of the latest specifications, and its performance has reached the world's leading level.

The contract is a new order reached in the short term after signing the global first 120K DWT dual-fuel bulk carrier since December of last year, showing EPS¡¯s brand recognition to SWS bulk carrier and tanker, and opening a new chapter in cooperation between the two sides

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