Press the double Buttons of Restore Work and Production to ensure the Milestones. SWS attracted a broad attention of central media again

On March 31, SWS, a subsidiary of CSSC, delivered the 180K DWT capsize bulk carrier to its financer BOCOMMLEASING and ship owner POLARIS SHIPPING. This is the fifth vessel delivered since work and production resumption, drawing a satisfactory full stop for production in the first quarter of 2020 during the extraordinary times. It also added a bright spot for the downward shipbuilding market, added confidence and strength for the employees to resume work and production, and complete the annual production and operation target.

It is like winning a grand slam of a sports event to complete the six milestones as contract signing, keel-laying, launching, sea trial, and ship delivery. Since the work and production resumption on February 10, under the deployment of CSSC, SWS insisted on the principle of epidemic prevention and control and work and production resumption simultaneously, focused on the annual production and operation targets, accurately evaluated the restricting factors, made and implemented the catch up plan, implemented safeguard measures, resolutely decided to accelerate the speed of work and production restoration, completed 22 production milestones including contract signing, keel-laying, launching, sea trial, and ship delivery, handed over a satisfactory transcript.

The sudden COVID-19 outbreak has completely disrupted the production and operation. The achievement was not an easy one to obtain.

On New Year's Eve, SWS released the overall plan for the joint prevention and control, and made a clear division of responsibility, workflow and specific requirements. Aiming at the heavy production tasks in the first half of the year as 14 vessels of steel cutting, 11 vessels of keel-laying, and 10 vessels of delivery, through forms of ¡°video conference¡± and ¡°cloud office¡±, SWS got prepared for the production plan in advance, analyzed the impact epidemic caused to production plan one by one, implemented preparation measures to ensure that the key projects are guaranteed by prior allocation of resources. Meanwhile, in order to achieve the on-time sea trial while ensuring epidemic control and prevention, SWS especially made ¡°Guidance for Sea Trial During Epidemic¡±, handed out to ship owners, class surveyors, service engineers, and employees that participated in the sea trial in advance, established the online network to maintain communication with all of them, fully grasped their physical condition and their return date, and prepare for the sea trial from aspects of the organization, personnel, and materials.

Turning pressure into power, and bravely assume the responsibility of central enterprises despite difficulties. On February 10, the manufacturing industry in Shanghai began to resume work and production, and SWS also officially announced the resumption of work. On Feb. 11 and 12, two 210K DWT Newcastle bulk carriers left SWS for sea trials, becoming the first shipbuilding enterprise under CSSC to organize sea trial in the unusual times, and received wide praise in the industry.

SWS proactively respond to and eliminate the force majeure effect of the epidemic and take the initiative to take advantage of the situation.

Video conference, E-mails, WeChat, and other modern network communication means were fully used to carry out online production and business activities. On March 3, SWS completed the "cloud signing" of the newbuild contract of two 158K DWT Suezmax crude oil vessels with Singapore EASTERN PACIFIC SHIPPING via video. On March 12, SWS realized the "cloud delivery" of one 210K DWT Newcastle bulk carrier with SINOKOR.

As COVID-19 continues to improve in China, SWS, under the deployment of CSSC, has been fully focused on its annual production and operation target, and has made many achievements in epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production, which has attracted extensive attention from the media inside and outside the industry. On February 18, "Oriental Discovery", the JU2000E jack-up rig was delivered and set sail, attracting the attention of the People's Daily, Xinhua news agency, China Daily, chinanews.com.cn and other central media, and appeared again in "Shanghai: accelerating the resumption of work and production to maintain economic stability" broadcast by CGTV news on February 21. On the afternoon of April 8, in the program of "Zhengdian Finance" of CGTV-2, SWS appeared again.

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